On Thursday, October 28, 2021, 10.40 to 12.50 WITA, at Park 23 (Kuta Praise Center Building) Jl.  Kediri No.27, Tuban, Kuta, Kab.  Badung, Bali has held the Inauguration of the Bali Province MIO DPW (Media Independent Online Indonesia) Management with the theme "The Role of Digital Media in Reviving Bali's Tourism and Economy in a Pandemic Mass"

 A. There were approximately 50 people who attended the activity, consisting of:

 1. Assistant for General Administration of the Bali Provincial Secretary Wayan Suarjana
 2. Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Pol Syamsi, SH.
 3. The Bali Provincial Tourism Office I Nengah Wirya Wirnata, S.Si.
 4. Informatics and Public Communication of the Bali Province Kominfo I Ketut Swiku, S.E., Ak., M.Ap
 5. Chairman of the DPP MIO Indonesia AYS Prayogie and the ranks.
 6. Chairman and Members of the Bali Province MIO DPW.

 B. The series of activities is as follows:

 1. Silence of Creation, Reading of Pancasila and Prayer.

 2. Message from the Committee represented by I Nengah Rata Artana, S. S.n., M.Sn.  this activity can run smoothly because with the permission on a scale and niskala, thank you to the supporters who support us, hopefully later DPW MIO Bali can provide the best to the community in accordance with the Vision and Mission of MIO Bali and in accordance with the vision of the Provincial Government of Bali Nangun Sath Kerthi  Loka Bali, Towards a New Era of Bali.

 3. The reading of the Decree of the DPP MIO Indonesia by the Secretary General of the DPP MIO regarding the appointment of the Bali MIO DPW Management as follows:

 a.  Decree number 050/KEP-A2/V-DK/X/2021 inaugurated the Bali Province MIO DPW Management with the Chairman Bramono Sitanggang.

 b.  Decree number 052/KEP-A3/V-DK/X/2021 inaugurated the Karangasem Regency MIO Management with Chairman I Nyoman Suandana.

 c.  Decree number 055/KEP-A3/V-DK/X/2021 inaugurated the Denpasar City MIO Management with Chairman Arman.

 d.  Decree number 051/KEP-A3/V-DK/X/2021 inaugurated the Bangli Regency MIO Management with Chairman I Wayan Juni Artayasa.

 4. Inauguration of the Bali Province MIO DPW Management by the General Chairperson of MIO Indonesia and Reading of the minutes of the inauguration.

 5. Message from the Chairman of DPW MIO Bali, Bramono Sitanggang, basically said that in the future we will be able to give the best to the community and what is conveyed to the community is a fact, not an opinion, so I hope that all colleagues and members of MIO Bali will cooperate well.  We will be responsible for the news submitted and we will support the government in preventing hoaxes and hate speech.  We at MIO Bali must be partners with policy makers by conveying what policy holders do not directly monitor, so that the Kamtibmas situation in the Bali region can be well maintained.  MIO can create honest, true and productive and creative media, MIO can be the same as press organizations that are pro and support democratization in this country.

 6. Message from the General Chairperson of the Indonesian MIO DPP, AYS Prayogie, congratulated the management of the MIO Bali DPW who had been inaugurated and had to start carrying out their duties, MIO as a media entrepreneur forum must be able to accompany its members, in my effort to invite MIO members, Indonesia to return to Indonesia.  Kitahnya, and MIO accompanying its members so as not to become partisan media, thus exacerbating the situation, I am afraid that I will regret not taking a strategic role, and being objective, independent, and being one of the pillars of Indonesian democracy, always being the press media upholding the Basic Press Law No.  40, Journalistic Code of Ethics, as Commander in Chief, as well as being a Partner of everyone to
 disseminating information for news content that can educate people in the life of a nation and state.

 7. Message from the Assistant for General Administration of the Bali Provincial Secretary Wayan Suarjana congratulated the inaugurated MIO Bali management, hopefully MIO Bali can provide the best in accordance with the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila.  The Bali Provincial Government supports the media as working partners to build synergy through delivering news to the public objectively for the development of the Bali Province.
 With standard health protocols at the park23 mall location, Kuta Praise Center and
 This inauguration activity is also thanks to the support
 From the sponsors
 Brigjen.Dr.  Viktor Pudjiadi.SpB.FICS.DFM Board of Trustees of MIO DPP and DPW DKI Jakarta
 King Pet Shop
 Dance Lab X Model Lab
 Kuta Praise Center
 Patriot Garuda Nusantara,
 Siplah Blibli DHARMA ASTANA,
 The Forge
 Shishi Club
 Hotel Neo LEGIAN Kuta
 The sago manta
 Garuda One Group
 Peak Solution
 Udayana Military Command
 Governor of Bali Province
 Bali Provincial Tourism Office
 Head of DPP MIO and Experts
 Dhyana Pura University
 Denpasar Culture Dance and Percussion Studio
 UKM Putra Putri Campus Dhyana Pura University
 Chancellor of Dhyana Pura University Dr.I.Gusti Bagus Rai Utama,S.E.,M.M.A,.M.A
 PT. Caspla Group
 Kuta Praise Center Mrs. Pdt.Ingrid
 Mr. I Made Jero Supartana Karang
 Mirror Club
 Mexicola Club
 Pison Coffee
 Shooters Bali
 X Bar Canggu
 MC Ni Putu Dyah Krismawintari SE M.M
 Kapendam Udayana
 Mr. Hari Tri Widjianto as Venue and Consumption Provider

 My Foundation For Bali
 ASM Foundation - Muslim Gathering Event
 United Batak Youth
 And online media leaders throughout Indonesia who are members of MIO Independent Media Online
 And also present representatives from Wisma Bayu Kodam
 Success and end safely, orderly and smoothly.
 Hopefully DPW MIO Bali Province Becomes a Center for Building the Spirit of MSME and Tourism Entrepreneurs so that National Economic Growth can quickly grow and return to normal as it was before the Covid19 Pandemic

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